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Purpose is a site dedicated to providing photographers with a place to be found on-line to give all photographers fair compensation for their work. There is no charge for this service, but we do ask each listed photographer to promote certain standards of business on their own web sites. If all photographers choose to sell images via spelled out usage prices and/or practices and use web site contracts to protect copyrights on-line, all photographers and their clients will benefit from consistent business practices. Stock-photo-research is dedicated to making the photography market better for everyone.

Why would we ever create a site that also shows our competition? Insanity might run in the family, but the reasoning is simple. My wife is a relatively new photographer and I want her to be a success. If we have to do something to help the entire market in order for our business to succeed, so be it. After looking at the industry for several years, we believe this is an important pursuit for the long term viability of our business. We are tired of refusing work because companies want to pay $50 or $100 for an image that costs $200.00 to create. Then they want to use the image forever as well. It is illegal for companies to sell products below cost. It is interesting that those same companies expect photographers to do just that.

Conflict of Interest?
Some people may be concerned that there must be an alterior motive in here somewhere. No, there is not. We will not be advertising anything or anyone on this site (banner ads slow everything down anyway). We will not make a profit from the site except we believe that this site will increase the opportunities for our photography business just as it will increase opportunities for all the photographers involved. Besides, we already had the domain name; we had to do something with it.

How can two people do a web site such as this?
How can an individual have a 50,000 or 100,000 stock library of photographs on their own? I have been programming for a long time. I used to weigh the options of buying software versus writing it. Sometimes, I would customize software to my needs. Iris is very computer literate as well and can do html coding. We don't have any children yet. I don't teach in the summertime. We love photography. We have created three web sites already. Lastly, if we need help, we will ask for it. At this point, the ONLY reason the site is not completely up and running is that I have not received any formal submissions. Hint!

How will it all work?
I honestly do not want to explain how we do this simply because I want the site to maintain as much an advantage as possible. It is quite possible and likely that other entities will replicate what we are able to do on this site and I want to delay that inevitability as long as possible, at least until the site gains enough 'mindshare' . While I will not answer directly to what you are asking, I do have the proof. Search for 'food photography', 'food photographer, 'commercial food photography', and 'commercial food photographer' on the following major search engines:

Our two primary domain names are and How many times do you find us?

Now search for 'Iris Richardson'. Did you find our web pages? If someone ever loses Iris's business card, does she need to be concerned about someone finding her. No. All anyone has to do is to type in her name in most any search engine and she will be at the top of the list. Being at the top of the list is no accident. This is where we plan to place as much as possible for many search topics related to stock photography.

So what is the big deal of being listed as number one on the search engine?
Why do so many companies begin with the letter A in the phone book? Is it likely that the same reasoning will apply to businesses on the Internet. If a photo buyer can find what they need in the top ten listings, do you really think they will bother looking for number 25 in the listings. Not likely. Actually, the chance is effectively none.

Where are the future buyers coming from?
What happens when you put a kid in front of a computer with internet access? They watch less TV (OK, not always). This is how powerful and alluring the internet can be. How is today's generation finding all the information it needs? They are not using the Yellow Pages! The natural instinct from this point forward for young adults is to use the internet to find the information they need. Now think where new Art Directors come from. Even beyond Art Directors, almost all individuals coming out of school will look to the internet to find direct sources for their purchasing needs.

To give you an idea how important the internet is to children, consider that we have received approximately the same number of emails from students for school projects about food photography as we have had from photography buyers. We weren't even trying to attract their attention! Student interest in our site certainly caught my attention. We will be directly addressing this issue as well.

While history is never a perfect prediction for the future, consider that we are now trying to be found by photography buyers through A year from now, it is quite likely that will be found as often as our other sites. If you believe being found on the internet is a way to find new clients, you should build your site, meet our site requirements, and get listed as soon as possible.

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about stock-photo-research | submissions

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